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Central Texas Student Futures Project Junior Survey
The Central Texas Student Futures Project is a joint effort of the Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources at the University of Texas at Austin and currently twelve independent school districts.  This survey is a central component of the research.  The goal of the Central Texas Student Futures Project is to help more Central Texas high school graduates make the transition to further education and training and careers.  Your responses to this survey will help your district to design better programs to help future students prepare for that transition.  

Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary; you may opt out of participation at any time.  This survey will take approximately 10 minutes of your time.  By completing the survey, you are acknowledging that:

1) the information you provide is true to the best of your knowledge; and
2) that your survey responses will be linked to other data obtained for this study from your school district, public agencies, and other sources for up to four years following your high school graduation.

The other data obtained for the study are: school records, high school transcripts, TAKS records, post-secondary education records, and employment data.    

Your survey responses and the other data collected will be stored according to strict confidentiality protocols established by the Ray Marshall Center and the University of Texas.  Your information and survey responses will be provided to your school district for the purposes of improving college transition services. As part of these transition services, your school district may use text messages or other means based on survey responses and cell phone information you choose to provide in order to help you in navigating the transition to college.  Except for this, your name will never be reported in any fashion, nor will any information be released that would allow someone else to determine that you participated in the project.  Your survey responses and other information will be kept in the strictest confidence.      

You should receive a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) brochure with further information about this study from your school.  If you or your parents have any questions about the project, please contact the Principal Investigators identified in those documents.

Thank you for your participation in the 2016 Junior Survey.

Please indicate that you have read and acknowledge this statement:

What district and high school do you currently attend?

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